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Introducing Ashe's debut poetry collection...





 "This collection wrecked me in the best way. Visceral. Powerful. Wrenching, yet all the while I couldn't help but feel encouraged. It was an experience, like wading into a recreation of life's darker moments, yet in way that I could safely stand at arms length to better understand them."  - Craig Randall author/poet

"The poet paints an image of resistance and

strength in these verses. It's a strong collection

and should appeal to those who love haiku,

and those who don't know it yet."

- Eryn McConnell poet

"Strongly evocative of grief and feeling like you've
been pared to the bone."

- O.R. Lea author

" I wouldn't have picked this up in the store, as 

 poetry isn't really 'my thing', but I am so glad to

 have experienced the poems in this work. Many of

 the pieces resonated oddly - not in a bad way -

 shaking loose my expecations. "
- Jamie M. Samland author



Missing the Mark is a collection of deconstructed haiku exploring what it means to grieve. From anger to release, Ashe delves into the heartache of loss with concise, yet elegant verse,

elevating pain into poetry.


Read as both personal and timelessly universal, Missing the Mark is a love song, a tender eulogy, and an homage to the human experience

at its best, and worst.

Missing the Mark


This page, though quite basic at the moment, will be home to all publications by Ashe.

In time, all books of poetry will be available, not only at major book sellers, but also here directly from the author.

For now, please be patient with the growth of both the site and availability of information on poetry collections.

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